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Clarifying Cleansing Gel
BPOM No : NC16161202418

Mild cleansing gel for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin.
Application Tips:
Gently distribute Clarifying Cleansing Gel over the skin on the face, neck and neckline with moist hands. Rinse off with plenty of water. Then treat with Purifying Tonic Lotion. Once the skin is free of inflammation, a face brush is optimally suitable for distributing the cleansing gel.


Clarifying Cream Gel
BPOM No : NC16161202418
Skin prone to acne is often accompanied by large pores and a disturbing oily sheen. For those affected, this is a problem that can be very stressful. Clarifying Cream Gel starts right here and fulfils all requirements for an optimal 24-hour care for skin prone to impurities! The light gel texture refines the pore structure, helps to reduce inflammations faster and prevents new impurities.
Application Tips:
Simply apply the light 24-hour gel to cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening and massage in gently. Clarifying Cream Gel is also perfect as a make-up base!


Microsilver Serum
BPOM No : NC16180104490
Serum with active ingredient to improve the appearance of blemished, oily skin prone to efflorescences. Contains micro-silver, glycolic acid, allantoin and D-panthenol.
Application Tips:
Apply Microsilver Serum onto cleansed skin and massage it in lightly. Avoid the zone around your eyes.
Ideal in combination with AHA Face Cream or Clarifying Cream Gel. We recommend using the products as follows:
1. Microsilver Serum
2. Mornings: Clarifying Cream Gel
Evenings: AHA Face Cream


Purifying Tonic Lotion
BPOM No : NC16141202242
Purifying Tonic Lotion is a mild, alcohol-free facial tonic with a skin-friendly pH value specifically for all oily, blemished skin profiles which have a tendency to develop acne.
Application Tips:
Pour Purifying Tonic Lotion onto a cotton wool pad and stroke gently over the face and neck. Apply each time after cleansing with Clarifying Cleansing Gel.


AHA Face Cream
BPOM No : NC16180101419
Cream with fruit acids for oily blemished skin. Frees the skin of dead cells, reduces blackheads and refines the pores. Contains fruit acids and a moisturising sugar compound. Apply to the face after cleansing and allow it to work. Use preferably in the evenings. Ideal when used in combination with Microsilver Serum.
Apply AHA Face Cream onto cleansed skin and massage it in lightly, preferably in the evening.
Application Tips:
Ideal in combination with Microsilver Serum. We then recommend using the products as follows:
1. Microsilver Serum
2. AHA Face Cream
Note: During the day, be careful when exposing skin to UV-sunlight – please use Face Guard Advanced.


Purifying Mask
BPOM No : NC16170200699
Special mask for deeply cleansing oily, blemished skin. With healing earth, extracts of Fomes officinalis plus anti-sebum active substance complex with oleanolic acid.
Application Tips:
Apply Purifying Mask onto cleansed skin. Leave out the eye area. Allow to work in for up to 20 minutes. Remove with warm, moist compresses.

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AHA + BHA Cleanser 200ml, AHA + BHA Exfoliator 30ml, AHA Face Cream 50ml, Clarifying Cleansing Gel 200ml, Clarifying Cream Gel 50ml, Enzyme Peeling Powder 50g, Intense Clearing Mask 75ml, Light Mattifying Cream 50ml, Microsilver Serum 30ml, Purifying BHA Serum 30ml, Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml, Purifying Mask 75ml, Purifying Tonic 200ml, Purifying Tonic Lotion 200ml, Regulating Retinol Cream 50 mL


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