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Aqualift Eye Gel
BPOM No : NC16210100061

The mini-lifting plumps up wrinkles from the inside and moisturises the skin deep down. Dark circles under the eyes are visibly reduced, puffiness prevented and wrinkles smoothed. At the same time, the eye area is wonderfully cooled and refreshed.
At the same time, the eye contour gel protects the skin from stress caused by UV rays and thus fights premature skin ageing. The eye area looks fresher and more awake.

Application Tips :
Apply Aqualift Eye Gel around the eyes mornings, evenings and any time during the day, patting lightly with your fingertips.
Tip: Aqualift Eye Gel is really refreshing and cooling on the skin if you keep it in the fridge. The cooling effect supports the gel’s capacity to reduce puffiness.


Hydro Active Gel
BPOM No : NC16210100057

The ultra-light moisturiser moisturises the skin down to the depths for a fresh, natural glow. At the same time, it provides long-lasting protection against moisture loss. Hyaluron reduces wrinkles caused by dryness and gives the skin a silky soft and fresh complexion.
The pleasantly light gel texture harmonises the skin’s appearance by reducing irritations. It is therefore perfect as a refreshing summer care and as a super base for make-up and a silky soft complexion.

Application Tips :
Depending on preference, spread gently over face, neck and cleavage mornings and/or evenings after cleanser and tonic.
Tip : can be combined with any skin care cream or used as a delicious treatment for ladies who don’t like a creamy texture!
Recommendation : Face Guard Advanced counteracts premature skin ageing through effective light protection. Simply apply the delicate emulsion during the day under Hydro Active Gel.


Hyaluron Impulse
BPOM No : NC16210100032

The intensive additional care for particularly chapped and dry skin improves the skin structure and visibly smoothes wrinkles. The rosé shimmering capsules contain an exceptionally pleasant texture and provide the skin with an extra dose of moisture quickly and effectively.
The delicately creamy contents spread very well and immediately leave the skin velvety soft and supple. Dry skin in particular regains its silky-matt glow and the skin’s structure is deeply improved. The capsules can be used with or without skin care cream. Directly under make-up, the skin shines with a wonderful smooth and silky-matt shimmer.

Application Tips :
Twist open a capsule of Hyaluron Impulse or open it using a pair of scissors. Squeeze out the entire content and stroke over the face, neck and neckline using the fingertips. Leave out the eye area. If desired, apply the usual day or night cream on top. For external use only.
Tip: “Small gifts preserve friendships”. Give your customer two to three Hyaluron Impulse capsules and once again emphasize the care success of your balancing dry skin treatment!


Deep Xpress Moist Serum
BPOM No : NC16210100060

The innovative power serum is an absolute moisture booster. Dry skin is visibly smoothed immediately and the complexion shines youthfully fresh again.
The moisture content of the skin is increased in the long term and the skin barrier and the skin’s own defence system are strengthened. Harmful environmental influences, free radicals and oxidative stress are warded off to prevent premature skin ageing and support the skin’s own cellular repair mechanisms.

Application Tips :
Apply serum mornings and evenings after cleansing the face and then use a nourishing cream.
Tip: a must-have for any make-up station! When applied directly under make-up without any day cream (except for extremely dry skin), make-up can stay put for hours.


Deep Xpress Hydro Mask
BPOM No : NC16210100062

Dehydrated skin is intensively and long-lasting supplied with more moisture. The skin is effectively protected from dehydration as the innovative Hydro Express Complex forms an invisible protective molecular network that continuously moisturises and protects the skin. Your skin looks fresh and smooth.
Within 30 minutes of application, the skin’s own moisture level increases by 25% and lasts up to 48 hours.

Application Tips :
Apply a delicate layer of the Gel Mask to the face and cleavage with the gel brush, following up with the eye area. Reaction time: 5-20 minutes. Remove residue with damp mask cloth and continue with usual skin care routine. For maximum indulgence, leave the mask to work overnight.
Tip: also ideal as an after-sun mask, or for use after exercising and using a sauna.





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Aqualift Eye Gel 30ml, Deep Xpress Hydro Mask 75ml, Deep Xpress Moist Serum 30ml, Hyaluron Impulse 50 Caps, Hydro Active Gel 50ml, Mild Creamy Cleanser 200ml, Mild Creamy Cleanser 30ml, Mild Face Rub 50ml, Radiant Firming Tonic 200ml, Radiant Firming Tonic 30ml


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