FARM STAY FARMSTAY DERMA CUBE Red Propolis Toner / Essence / Cream / Eye Cream


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FARM STAY DERMA CUBE Red Propolis Toner 140 mL
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Consisting of red propolis extract deeply nourishes your tired and rough skin to moisturize and revitalize, returning the natural glow of your skin complexion.

FARM STAY DERMA CUBE Red Propolis Essence 70 mL
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Tired and rough skin, dry and irritated from external environment and wearing a mask all day long… This isn’t a story for one, but for all of us. Our dermacube red propolis line is a perfect solution to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate your dry, tired, and rough skin. It fills in moisture to make your skin naturally glowy and healthy, while red propolis extracts effectively regenerate and heal damaged cells and layers of skin!

FARM STAY DERMA CUBE Red Propolis Cream 80 mL
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It consists of real red propolis extract to help nourish and hydrate your skin with deep moisturization. It rejuvenates your skin to redeem its natural glow and health

FARM STAY DERMA CUBE Red Propolis Eye Cream 50 mL
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Eyes tell the most stories. Stay beautiful with Farmstay Dermacube Red Propolis Eye cream to rejuvenate and firm your eye rims to remove signs of aging or stress

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Cream 80 mL, Essence 70 mL, Eye Cream 50 mL, Toner 140 mL


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