Naturica Detoxifying Series (ALL HAIR TYPES)


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What is it?
*Detoxifying Comfort Scrub
Specific scrub treatment for hair and scalp. Pumice stone together with Ceramides, anti-oxidants and UV filters, gently removes all traces of styling elements and pollution, leaving hair soft, light, shiny and revitalized.
>Application Tips:
Before or after shampooing, apply to scalp and wet hair with circular movements to smooth and revitalize from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly. Use 1-2 times a week.

*Detoxifying Comfort Shampoo
A pH neutral shampoo for frequent use. It gently washes away daily stress by helping remove impurities and pollution, giving hair shine, vitality and elasticity.
Caper extract, Mint and Rosemary essential oils work together to soothe, protect and refresh sensitive scalps, giving instant relief.
Naturica Detoxifying Comfort Shampoo is enriched with color safe formula in order to preserve natural or artificial hair color.
>Application Tips:
Apply on wet hair. Gently massage. Lather then rinse thoroughly.

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Comfort Scrub 200ml, Comfort Scrub 50ml, Comfort Shampoo 250ml


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