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What Is It?

Menard Embellir Liquid Emulsion provides multi-purpose effect on your skin due to the complex active anti-aging ingredients included in the emulsion, making the skin strengthened and rejuvenated from cellular level.  With the extracts of black and red Reishi, together with modified bifidobacteria BRG-N, it helps to eliminate skin imperfections, eliminating pigmentation and wrinkles.  Healthy, smooth and translucent dewy complexion is not a dream anymore with its application.

From the moment the fresh and rich feeling liquid touches your skin, it blends in and permeates it rapidly resulting in moist and supple appearance while conditioning it to be soft and elastic throughout the day.  Super rich moisturizing anti-aging lotion-emulsion with anti-aging and skin whitening ingredients.  Fresh and rich liquid that combines the effects of a lotion and emulsion.

Product Features :

  • Intensely hydrate the skin
  • A unique texture combining lotion and emulsion
  • Easily and rapidly permeate the skin
  • Leave a soft-touch protective layer on the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of ageing signs
  • Bring firmness and suppleness
  • Bring radiance to the skin
  • Easily and rapidly permeate the skin


  • Intense Whitening – The skin is smooth, bright and moisturized
  • Intense Anti-aging
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Restrains melanin production
  • Prevents pigmentation and freckles
  • Makes it brim with deep translucence from within

Application Tips:

Pour an appropriate amount (3 to 4 pumps, 1.5 to 2.0 ml) on a cotton pad and spread it evenly over the entire face. Then, pat lightly upward from the bottom.


Available in 3 Sizes : 130 ml, 15 ml, & 10 ml





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10ml, 130ml, 15ml, Authent X Liquid, Liquid Gift Set + White Serum, Liquid x Day Cream, Liquid X Extract


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