Menard Embellir Eye Cream


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What Is It?

Menard Embellir Eye Cream effectively revitalize and hydrate every cell of the eye contour for ultimate suppleness.  Targeting fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, its white and creamy texture leaves a protective film with a velvety finish upon application.  After just a week of using this eye cream, you will see reduction of fine lines, lightening of the skin and wrinkles around eye area and the skin felt more moisturized with no appearance of milia aka oil seeds.

A firming anti-aging eye cream that instantly makes the skin of the eye contour feeling lifted and looking radiant.  Provides rich moisture and firmness to the eye contour area and revitalizes the skin for ultimate suppleness.

Product Features :

  • Intensely and durably hydrate the skin
  • A rich texture for a high comfort
  • Bring firmness and suppleness
  • Protects skin cells from aging at cellular level
  • Penetrates easily and quickly
  • Restore radiance and luminosity to the skin

Benefits :

  • Intense Whitening – The skin is smooth, bright and moisturized
  • Intense Anti-aging
  • Lightening/Skin Whitening (Whitens complexion)
  • Restrains melanin production
  • Clearer Complexion (Treats Acne and Blemishes)
  • Whitens the skin and eliminates dark spots
  • Anti-aging efficiency – Lifts sagging skin
  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles
  • More Uniform Complexion (Dissolves clogged pores)
  • More Moisturized (Moisturizes)
  • Smoother Skin (Removes and prevents skin aging)

Application Tips:

As the last step of skincare regime, gently apply 1 pump around the eyes.


Available in 2 Sizes : 20 ml & 1,5 ml




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