Menard Authent Cream II




What Exactly Is It?

A multi-function cream with a composite effect on skin that develops various problems with age. The moment you apply AUTHENT CREAM II to your skin, you can experience a sensational feel. The cream gently spreads over every part of your skin and leads to clear supple skin. Your skin is covered with a fine-textured veil of the cream, just like new skin. As time passes, your skin approaches a bright future. AUTHENT CREAM II provides the skin around the eyes and mouth with a velvet smoothness. A moist, supple and fine-textured skin ensuring a beautiful makeup finish is now yours.

The feel of comfort changes on the skin moment by moment, something you will have never experienced, as this rich cream smoothly spreads over the skin. It is absorbed into the skin surface like it is melting, and you can feel as if the cream is becoming one with the skin.


Features :

  • A dramatic experience begins the moment you touch it.
  • Rich, smooth cream with a soft, melt-away texture.
  • Be enveloped in the joy of your womanhood expressed in elegant hints of aromatic rose, orange flower and violet.
  • As you smooth the cream over your skin, it feels like it is immediately absorbed and becomes one with the skin.
  • Reaching the skin evenly to deliver the luminosity and sparkle of flower petals.
  • Delicately approach the area under the eye and around the mouth for an appearance of lasting moisture and suppleness.
  • Delivering beautiful changes that day, the next, and into the future.



  • Intense Whitening – The skin is smooth, bright and moisturized
  • Intense Anti-aging
  • Lightening/Skin Whitening (Whitens complexion)
  • Restrains melanin production
  • Clearer Complexion (Treats Acne and Blemishes)
  • Whitens the skin and eliminates dark spots
  • Anti-aging efficiency – Lifts sagging skin
  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles
  • More Uniform Complexion (Dissolves clogged pores)
  • More Moisturized (Moisturizes)
  • Smoother Skin (Removes and prevents skin aging)

Application Tips:

  • After conditioning your skin with a lotion and emulsion in the morning and at night, take an appropriate amount of cream on the attached stick, and apply it uniformly over your face.
  • When you use AUTHENT CREAM II before makeup, apply a slightly smaller amount of cream over your face.


Available in 3 Sizes : 50 gr, 7 gr, & Sachet 3 x 0,3gr



BPOM : NA22212000004

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3 x 0,3 gr, 50ml, 7ml, Authent X Liquid


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