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Care capsules for mature skin. With isoflavones, hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract for boosting the skin‘s resilience and elasticity.
Single-dosage care capsules for mature skin. With isoflavones, hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract to increase the tension and elasticity of the skin.

Apply Isoflavonia Relief in the morning and/or in the evening before the respective skin care cream. To do this, open the cap with a ‘twist’ or cut with scissors. Press the contents out of the capsule and spread over your skin with your fingertips. Pay particular attention to lines and wrinkles and gently massage the delicate skin care texture into the skin. Only for external use.

Note: Face Guard Advanced effectively protects the skin from UV radiation. The ultra-light emulsion is simply applied during the day under your Isoflavonia Relief.

• Helichrysum Italicum: Yellow cat’s paw, rich in flavonoids, protects against free radicals
• Grape Seed Extract in Liposomes: Contains oligomeric procyanidines – OPCs for short – highly-effective antioxidants which protect the skin against free radicals and prevent the development of light-induced premature ageing
• Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturising and binding
• Isoflavones: Stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve the skin’s structure
• Panax Ginseng: Stimulates the skin’s microcirculation
• Centella Asiatica: Pennywort strengthens the blood vessels


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