YSL Pure Shots Y Shape Serum


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What Is It?

Y SHAPE SERUM contains Barbary Fig Flower Extract from Morocco and a Peptide.
The texture of Y SHAPE SERUM allows for fast absorption with the formula penetrating quickly and leaves skin feeling firmer and softer from the first application.


Application Tips:

  • Press 2 pumps of serum.
  • Massage to smooth. Going up with your fingertips from the chin to the temples, then cheeks to the temples finally from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Do not forget your neck.
  • Pinch to recontour. Put the thumbs above the chin, index fingers folded below the chin like a clamp. Glide firmly your fingers along the jawline up to the ears. Work simultaneously on each side of the face. Repeat 2x. Finish on forehead by using your fingers. Start the massage from a low side of the forehead and go back upwards, to lift the skin. Repeat 2x on the whole forehead. Apply day and/or night before your moisturizer.

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30ml, 30ml Refill, 7ml, 1ml, 30ml Box Putih Tester


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