Novexpert Peeling Night Lotion 115 ml


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How can you best stave off persistent breakouts and budding wrinkles? One formula is an absolute must-have: our Peeling Night Lotion, a unique concentrate of anti-aging and exfoliating actives.

Apply Peeling Night Lotion with a cotton pad 10 min after skin cleansing. Avoid contact with eyes and eye contour area. Do not use lotion in case of sun exposure.
Frequency of application: in the evenings only. Use no more than once every two days, for 2 to 3 months.


Shaving advice! Peeling Night Lotion can be used as after-shave care (on legs for women and the face for men) to help prevent imperfections. Be sure to apply 10 minutes after shaving, allowing enough time for the skin to partially restore its protective film.

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