Miss Dior Parfume Hair Mist Rose N Roses 30ml

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Light and sensual, Miss Dior Hair Mist enhances hair while leaving the trail of Miss Dior in its wake. Perfuming hair is a delicate application method that evokes a mysterious femininity and Miss Dior hair mist imbues it with seductive elegance.

Boasting real intensity, Miss Dior Hair Mist keeps hair fresh and dresses it with a sensual scent, an adaptation of the characteristic notes of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet eau de toilette.

To create a two-step Miss Dior hair care ritual, start by spraying Miss Dior hair oil into the palm of your hand, then run the scented oil through your hair and perfume your hair with Miss Dior hair mist.

Avoid spraying towards the eyes and mucous membranes.


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  • DEC 2023 (Box Original)
  • FEB 2024 (Box Putih)

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