L’Occitane Powder to Mousse Facial Exfoliator & Mask




An innovative exfoliating powder that transforms into a sparkling mousse on contact with water or L’Occitane toners. Infused with exfoliating fruit enzymes and flower acids (AHA), this hybrid formula gently removes dead skin cells, efficiently helps unclog pores and rids skin of impurities and visible traces of pollution. Immediately, skin looks clearer and radiant. It feels incredibly soft and smooth.


Ideal for :

  • Gently removes skin dead cells
  • Efficiently helps unclog pores
  • Rids skin of impurities and visible traces of pollution


Application area :

Mix 2 spoonfuls of powder with 2 spoonfuls of water or a L’Occitane toner until you obtain a creamy mousse. Apply to face and leave on for 2 minutes for optimum effectiveness. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice a week.



BPOM : NC14200200014

Additional information

Weight N/A

50 gr


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