Lancome L Absolu Rouge Intimatte 3.4gr

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Define the lines, then blur them. Intimatte is our first blurred matte lipstick.

Dressing your lips with a soft color veil, it offers a no-compromise result combining soft matte effect and comfort, while leaving a bare lips sensation.
Embrace effortless seduction and matte lip perfection. Rediscover the power of our matte range in sixteen lipstick shades for luscious lips.

Intimatte formula offers a very good spreadability and a soft creamy feeling during application, enabled by a soft gliding complex.
It is also enriched by hemispherical fillers creating a unique lip makeup result: matte lips that are not opaque.

What it does:

  • Soft matte lipstick color veil
  • Lightweight feeling on the lips
  • Feeling of moisturized lips

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130 Not Flirting, 888 Kind Of Sexy, 278 Hide And Seek, 282 Very French, 226 Worn Off Nude, 274 Killing Me Softly


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