La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion 7,8ml


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What Is It?

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion 4 x 7.8ml. La Prairie`s most brilliant scientific achievement to date, utilizes a unique three-dimensional age-defiance system to restore the skin – at any stage of the aging process – to a more youthful state. Its threefold action secures the cellular energy supply and protects it from the effects of external stress, supports the skin`s own renewal mechanisms and supplements its natural structural rebuilding. Cellular Power Infusion is a uniquely empowering treatment to be used intermittently along with your regular skincare regimen. Start using it today and never look your age again. Revitalized, glowing skin returns, as skin`s inherent power is renewed. Aging signs seem to diminish as skin cells benefit from enhanced protection against external stress factors. Youthful, firmed, resiliency meets your touch as skin tissue is restored. The look and feel of younger skin is yours again. NEVER LOOK YOUR AGE AGAIN.

The significance of Cellular Power Infusion lies in the development of a radical three-pronged approach that simultaneously treats the key factors that contribute to skin aging: loss of energy, handicapped functionality of skin cells and a general weakening of skin tissue, explains Dr. Sven Gohla, Vice President Research and Development for La Prairie. This important breakthrough is at the forefront of cellular communication, for long the core of La Prairie`s scientific research. It enabled us to produce a truly game-changing skin treatment that dramatically slows down the aging process by striking at every aspect of the skin`s makeup.



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