La Mer Genaissance The Eye & Expression Cream


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What is it?

This ultra-sumptuous cream with a silky finish helps transcend the appearance of virtually all signs of time. Fine lines and dark circles appear to fade and eyes look less puffy and more lifted. Expression areas look smoother and less lined. With plumping, healing hydration, an ageless transformation unfolds.


Application Tips:

Twice daily, apply a small amount using ring finger to eye area and expression areas, such as smile and forehead lines. Use the massage tool for advanced smoothing and increased microcirculation.


What Else You Need To Know?

# Mengandung emas 24K
# Di formulakan dengan Krim mewah yang kental untuk daerah sekitar mata
# Mempercepat proses regenerasi kulit di sekitar daerah mata
# Dapat membuat kulit lebih halus dan mulus
# Dapat mengurangi bengkak di area mata
# Dapat mengurangi kantong mata hitam
# Dapat mengurangi keriput dan garis halus di daerah sekitar mata
# Dapat mengencangkan dan mengangkat kulit di daerah sekitar mata
# Dapat menghidrasi kulit
# Dapat memudarkan garis senyum smiling line
# Sangat bagus untuk anti-aging

Additional information


15ml, 3ml, 5ml


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