Kanebo The Emulsion 15 ml

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Formulated with special oil for rich and firming touch and smoothing ingredients, this anti-aging emulsion brings you a full-bodied sensation. The elasticity during application metamorphoses into the suppleness with a sleek finish.
Delight in the discovery beneath your hands.

Clear Skin Solution

Inspired by a multifaceted solution for six key factors of skin clarity- moisture, radiance, texture, smoothness, firmness and brightness, a secret cocktail called Clear Botanical Complex is formulated. A unique approach focusing on the elements of light, shadows, and complexion further promotes clarity in your skin.

Eternity Bouquet Fragrance

At the heart of the iconic element Teatopia, elegant white floral bouquet fragrance curated for a sense of modern luxury embraces you, unleashing your skin and mind with comfort.

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