Kanebo Lunasol Point Make Off 120 ml


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A remover for eye and lip makeup that thoroughly cleanses away hard-to-remove makeup without straining the skin. Contains moisturizing ingredients that care for the skin.I bought this 120ml size for a steal at just $10 during the Kanebo sale earlier this year. Suitable for eye and lip make-up, I use this solely for eye make-up as I hardly use lip make-up.

As this product is a mixture of oil and water, its best to shake bottle well enough to mix both water and oil contents for maximum effectiveness.
Personally, I have a preference for water-based remover products because I don’t like oiliness on my skin and I may forget to shake it and you get an ineffective eye make-up remover. But well, the price is just too “pretty” for me to give it up. 😛

This eye make-up remover removes eye make-up pretty well and is more effective on waterproof eye make-up than the regular water-based remover. I can’t say the same for heavy eye make-up as I don’t use that heavy stuff.

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