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*Instant Lift Serum 30ml
Single-dose care capsules complement the range for mature skin in need of regeneration. Isoflavonia Relief helps to prevent the light-induced ageing of the skin.
Skin-friendly oil base contained in the capsule, masks fine wrinkles and do not contain preservatives.
The contents of one capsule is exactly the right quantity for an accurate application for your face, neck and décolleté. (please do not swallow!)

– Benefits:
The long-term effect for beautiful, smooth skin develops best with daily use over a period of up to 4 weeks.
>Increases connective tissue density
>Smooths the skin
>Visible improvement of the skin structure
>Increases the skin’s tension and elasticity
>Supports and stimulates the skins’s own regenerative process
>Delicate soft gel texture

– Application Tips:
Apply Isoflavonia Relief in the morning and/or in the evening before the respective skin care cream. To do this, open the cap with a ‘twist’ or cut with scissors. Press the contents out of the capsule and spread over your skin with your fingertips. Pay particular attention to lines and wrinkles and gently massage the delicate skin care texture into the skin. Only for external use.

*Instant Lift Serum 30ml
Instant Lift Serum, with highly contentrated ingredients gives skin new radiance and freshness in just a few minutes.
This quick beautifier contains a high quantity marine collagen which provides immediately-visible tightening of the skin.

– Benefits:
In just a short time, skin looks as if it has been padded, it looks smoother, and more elastic and firmer.
>Intensive corrective care
>Immediate relief for tired, tense skin
>Smooths the skin
>Noticeably reduces lines and little creases
>Rich gel with a refreshing effect
>Improves the radiance

Application Tips:
Apply Instant Lift Serum to face, neck and decollete morning and evening after cleansing. You can then apply your usual care cream over it.

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InstantLiftSerum30ml, Isoflavonia50Capsule


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