Hermes Rose Hermes Silky Blush Powder 6gr


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What Is It?

  • Blush with a semi-matte finish, embossed with texture resembling silk twill. A fine, silky, long-lasting powder for a luminous, radiant complexion.
  • At once ethereal and compact, its ultra-light, pigmented texture allows color intensity to be tailored as desired, softened or asserted, from the most natural to the most sophisticated
  • finish. This long-lasting powder clings to the skin with the first touch.
  • Rose Hermes Silky Blush can be refilled by simply removing and replacing its powder pan.

Application Tips:

Applied freely, Rose Hermes Silky Blush expresses a state of mind, as if drawing a face. With its ultra-light texture, the color can be applied as desired, to suit your mood.

1. Healthy glow: apply to the hollows of the cheeks, then lightly dust the nose with any surplus powder to brighten the complexion.

2. Highlighted cheekbones: apply in circular motions to the cheekbones to reflect natural light for a fresh look.

3. Sculpted effect: apply from the cheekbones to the temples for a more sophisticated look.

Additional information

Number / Name Of The Shades

28 Rose Plume, 23 Rose Blush, 37 Rose Poivre


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