Dior Prestige Le Micro Caviar De Rose

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What is it?

The ultimate micro-nutritive concentrate,
Le Micro-Caviar de Rose acts as a repair elixir for the skin. 17,000* infinitely luscious micro-pearls diffuse the 22 micro-nutrients of the Rose de Granville at the heart of the skin for 8 hours.
Enveloping the skin like a bandage, reawakening the natural recovery process of even the most fragile skin. The skin is instantly soothed and plumped.
Day after day, signs of aging seem corrected. Intensely revitalized, the skin appears renewed.


Le Micro-Caviar de Rose targets fatigued, burnt-out skin. When the skin is subjected to chronic or transient fatigue, it struggles to breathe and can no longer recover.
A true concentrate of life, this micro-nutritive caviar-creme stimulates an extraordinary regeneration of the skin. Just one spoonful will restore comfort to the most fragile skin.
Upon awakening, the skin is intensely plumped; fine lines and wrinkles are erased. Fully nourished and infinitely revitalized, the skin appears renewed.



Its ground-breaking encapsulation technology creates an extraordinary rose caviar: 17,000* infinitely luscious micro-pearls, crafted one by one. Discover an exquisite sensory cascade beneath your fingertips: the micro-pearls gently roll before melting into the skin, enveloping it like a bandage. They diffuse all the repairing benefits of the 22 micro-nutrients of the Rose de Granville for 8 hours.

Key Ingredient?

The Rose de Granville boasts an inexhaustible micro-nutritive reserve. Created from a wild rose, it was bestowed with the ability to draw from the earth all the nutrients essential for its strength and beauty. Dior Science has now discovered all the regenerative powers of the 22 micro-nutrients of this flower, specifically crafted for Dior cosmetic treatments. Highly concentrated in Le Micro-Caviar de Rose, these micro-nutrients are combined for the first time with the repairing power of shea butter for exceptional skin regeneration.


Application Tips?

Apply Le Micro-Caviar de Rose morning and night after La Micro-Huile de Rose, before or instead of your usual moisturizer.

1. Use one or two spoonfuls per application on the face, neck and décolleté.

2. For more intense regeneration, apply as a sleeping mask once or twice a week. Upon awakening, the skin is deeply renewed.

3. For an instant plumping and soothing effect, apply as a 5-minute mask. The skin appears plump and instantly revitalized. Its radiance is revived.


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