Dior Prestige La Lotion Essence De Rose




The fundamental first step in the Dior Prestige skincare routine, La Lotion Essence de Rose helps restore the skin’s vitality. This face lotion combines, for the 1st time*, the vital essence of the Rose de Granville flowers with the vital essence and revitalizing power of its buds.

United at the heart of this new lotion, the essence of rose flowers and buds boost three forms of energy flows essential to the skin’s beauty: energy, hydration and nourishment.**

Day after day, the functions essential to the skin’s youthful beauty are revived for proven age-defying action.

A true feat of formulation, La Lotion Essence de Rose combines the nourishing richness of a milky texture with the energizing effect of a lotion, in a formula composed of 91% natural-origin ingredients.***

Deeply revitalized and appearing intensely plumped with moisture, skin appears toned and radiates a healthy glow. As if reset, the skin is ideally prepared, ready for the more intensive, exceptional skincare ritual to follow.


BPOM : NC14200100047



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