Dior La Mousse Off/On Foaming Cleanser

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Dior has created OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser, the foaming cleanser composed of 90%* natural-origin ingredients to give your skin OFF/ON cleansing:

– OFF = eliminates impurities, urban particles, makeup residue and excess sebum. Clinically proven effectiveness: the foaming cleanser eliminates 99% of particles, including the finest,** and reduces the effects of pollution on skin lipids by 20%.***
– ON = soothes feelings of discomfort, preserves the skin’s hydration and barrier function. The Foaming Cleanser enables you to cut the harmful effects of pollution on a skin barrier marker in half.***

Infused with purifying water lily**** from the new Dior garden and soothing cornflower floral water,**** OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser offers more than just cleansing: this facial cleanser combines the smoothness of a cream with the effectiveness of a foaming cleanser to reveal the skin’s purity while providing skincare action that respects the skin.

Airy and delicate, OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser frees the skin of makeup residue, UV filters and pollution to switch to skin that appears incredibly pure.

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