Chanel Paris Édimbourg Les Eaux De Chanel Eau De Toilette Spray 1,5ml

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A powerful burst of freshness with aromatic and woody notes, inspired by the Scottish moors, where Gabrielle Chanel loved to retreat to. A mysterious fragrance, distinguished by the tension between freshness and obscurity.


Opening with lemon and bergamot freshness, with aromatic undertones of juniper berry and cypress, the fragrance evolves into a dry cedar accord. Smoky, with an earthy scent reminiscent of the vetiver plant, it leaves a comforting trail.


PARIS–ÉDIMBOURG is inspired by the Scottish Highlands, where vast expanses of green dotted with crystal-clear lakes are surrounded by rugged forests. Featuring crisp notes of juniper berry and cypress paired with the smoky, peaty scent of vetiver, PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG is suggestive of the untamed lands to which Gabrielle Chanel would retreat with the Duke of Westminster.

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A light bottle with a rounded shape that fits in the palm of the hand. A sleek sleeve designed with natural materials that evoke the waves lapping on the beach. LES EAUX DE CHANEL are available in a large misting spray bottle for generous application.
With a single spray, LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrances create a feeling of freshness so vivid it takes you on a journey.

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