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The red camellia is a flower unlike any other and the key ingredient in N°1 DE CHANEL. A flower with revitalising powers, whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth.
CHANEL Research has harnessed its exceptional properties to create a new generation of products, including skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist.
At the core of the N°1 DE CHANEL beauty line, red camellia extract targets stage one N°1 of the skin aging process, working to prevent and correct the appearance of the five 5 signs of aging.
The N°1 DE CHANEL powder-to-foam cleanser is a facial cleanser enriched with red camellia extract and red camellia oil. Its formula contains 93% naturally derived ingredients(1).
The powder transforms into a rich foam upon contact with water and works to eliminate impurities. Cleansed, the skin looks and feels perfectly clear, soft, radiant and comfortable.

(1) Proportion of natural ingredients and derivatives calculated according to ISO16128.


Enriched with red camellia extract and red camellia oil, the powder-to-foam face cleanser deeply purifies the skin and fights the effects of pollution, removing significantly more pollution particles (+65%(1)) compared to cleansing with water only.
Immediately after application, the skin is left radiant (+21%(2)) and purified (+27%(2)).

The skin is perfectly prepared for the other N°1 DE CHANEL products to follow.
(1) Instrumental evaluation conducted immediately after application on 21 women.
(2) Clinical evaluation conducted immediately after use on 22 women.

active ingredients

The camellia is showcased in all its forms at the heart of N°1 DE CHANEL, the new anti-aging skincare line.
– Red camellia extract supports the skin’s vitality. It protects against oxidation in the skin caused by urban pollution, for an anti-aging effect that prevents and corrects the appearance of the 5 signs of aging.
-Red camellia oil delivers comfort to the skin and helps maintain its protective barrier function.

N°1 DE CHANEL is a beauty line that seeks to minimise its environmental impact with formulas that contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients(1) and 76% camellia-derived ingredients. They have been tested on all skin types, even sensitive skin. All packaging has been designed with sustainability in mind.

(1) Proportion of natural ingredients and derivatives calculated according to ISO 16128.

how to use

The powder-to-foam cleanser is ideal for removing makeup such as the N°1 DE CHANEL foundation.

To open your bottle, gently turn the Twist and Slide cap anti-clockwise.
Dispense the equivalent of half a teaspoon of powder into your hands.
Add a few drops of water and work into a generous foam.
Spread the foam cleanser over the chin, cheeks and forehead.
Massage in a circular motion, working your way up from the chin to the cheeks and forehead. Avoid the eye area.
Thoroughly rinse off the foam with warm water.
Turn the cap clockwise to close the bottle. Store in a dry place.
Follow with the other N°1 DE CHANEL skincare products: the lotion, eye cream, serum and cream.


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