Biologique Recherche Le Grand Serum

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For dry, more mature skin.
Has the most concentration of active ingredients, top of all finishing serums.
Gives skin a healthy glow. le Grand Sérum is a sublimating elixir, a genuine concentrate of beauty whose action grows more intense with each consecutive application.
It is recommended for all Skin Instants.

With 27 active ingredients this serum helps prevent premature skin aging, tones, moisturizes and illuminates complexion.
Results are exceptional plumped up, toned and glowing skin.
When used on mature skin this serum to be applied after the recommended creme.

Helps prevent epidermal premature aging.
Tones, revitalizes and calms the epidermis.
Helps to strengthen the natural system of skin defense.
Brightens the complexion and moisturizes the superior layers of the epidermis.
The Biologique Recherche products with the richest content in active ingredients (27), a real ubiquitous serum.
Exceptional results that leave the skin plumped up, toned up and luminous.
Notes :
– Avoid immediate exposure to the sun after application of the product.
– Not suitable for children.

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